Who needs friends when you’ve got nukes?

North Korea’s Kim Jong Il looks like he’s decided friends are just too much bother for a man in his position:

NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong Il has criticised close allies China and Russia as unreliable, a news report said yesterday.

Japan’s Kyodo News agency said that Kim’s remarks were conveyed at a meeting in Pyongyang by the North’s ambassadors to other countries last month, shortly after the UN Security Council adopted a resolution condemning the North’s recent test-firing of seven missiles.

So he’ll not be too worried if China decides to not bother sending any food or energy supplies this month, then…

Update: The Korea Liberator explains, in great depth, exactly how nutty Kim Jong Il actually is.

2 thoughts on “Who needs friends when you’ve got nukes?”

  1. True, but one wonders if Kim has the self-reflection needed to recognise that, as far as reliablity goes, he makes China and Russia look like the Volvos of international politics.

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