What? You couldn’t pick up the phone?

Afghan leader President Karzai, at a recent meeting with President Musharraf of Pakistan, handed over the telephone number, address and GPS number of a Mullah Omar.  An intelligence coup?

Not according to Musharraf, who was not impressed:

“Intelligence, to be effective, should be immediate. Nobody, no target sits there waiting for you (for) three months. If you give telephone numbers, which are three to six months old, this becomes ridiculous. And this is exactly what happened,” Musharraf said. “He gave these numbers to me when he came with his intelligence boss on a presidential visit.

“I said, ‘Is this your sense of intelligence that you were waiting for a presidential visit to hand over this file of numbers to me? That you couldn’t pick up the telephone and tell me there is this man on this number, and we get word of it?'”

Ouch.  Musharraf’s autobiography, by the way, is out on Monday.  Expect more embarrasing revelations of his dealing with world leaders.