Watch England vs Ukraine online

In a brilliant new innovation, England’s forthcoming match against Ukraine will be made available only in the online format. This means that there is absolutely no way to watch England vs Ukraine live on TV. The only way you can watch the game live is to stump up some of your own cash up front.

Over at Siberian Light, my other blog, I’ve published a quick guide to how to watch england vs ukraine online, but this is the very basics.

If you’re quick, and book by Wednesday, the cost is just £4.99 to watch the game. However, on Thursday and Friday the price goes up to £9.99 to watch the game. And if you’re one of those latecomers who only decides to pay to watch the game on Saturday, you’ll have to pony up £11.99 for the privilege.

There is one way that I know of to watch the game online for free. But even so, this still requires you to stump up some cash. Simply sign up for online bookie Betfair, and make sure that your account is in credit. They’ll be letting their subscribers (the in credit ones at least) watch England vs Ukraine free on Saturday evening. It’s not clear if you can then withdraw your money straight away, but if not, at least you have the chance to do a bit of gambling.

I definitely recommend booking quickly for this match though – the company running the online broadcast have set an upper limit of 1 million viewers, so that they can make sure their servers don’t throw a hissy fit at having to stream video to so many people at the same time. If you’re too late, you’ll just have to wait and watch the highlights after the event!