2 thoughts on “Wanna buy a fighter plane?”

  1. I made this point on my own blog once before, but it ain’t British jets that the CAAT need to be concerned about, it’s Russian AK-47s. Yeah, I know they included this as a bit of fun, but I wish these groups would get to grips with what is really doing the damage out there. Sure, the West should not be flogging jets to countries that can’t afford it and CAAT are right to protest that. But to do so whilst ignoring Chinese and Russian arms sales is to ignore the elephant in the living room, which isn’t going to do their credibility any good at all.

  2. Couldn’t agree more.

    I applied for a (paid!) internship at CAAT once, and argued much the same. Perhaps unsurprising then, that I didn’t get the job…

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