The cost of travel

Ken Livingstone and Hugo Chavez.jpgKen Livingstone recently went on a trip to Venezuela, to sign a major oil deal with his favourite democrat – President Chavez.  Well, he would have done, if Chavez hadn’t played him for a fool, courting him assiduously until he was offered a trip to London and a headline grabbing oil deal, then dropping Ken like a stone, the minute he was no longer useful.

And the cost?

Mr Livingstone said the cost of the trip was “modest”.

The mayor and four officials stopped in Cuba, at a cost of about £20,000, including £16,991 in flight tickets.

When Mr Livingstone’s plans to go to Venezuela fell through, the four officials carried on at a cost of nearly £16,000, including £12,948 on flights.

Ouch.  That’s a lot of money to spend for the London taxpayer to spend on Ken’s humiliation.  

It’s really tempting, as one of those taxpayers, to say that I consider the money well spent.  But instead, I’m wondering whether its time I set myself up in the travel agency business.