Syria rejects UN peacekeepers in Lebanon

This statement from the Syrian President is, frankly, bizarre – a major miscalculation of the international mood:

Bashar Assad, said the stationing of UN troops in the border area of Lebanon would be a hostile move against Syria.

“This is an infringement on Lebanese sovereignty and a hostile position,” President Bashar Assad told Arab TV.

Nobody’s doubts that Syria isn’t thrilled at the prospect of a beefed up UN peacekeeping force on it’s Western border, to complement the US force on its Southern border in Iraq.

But to actively come out against the very idea of a peacekeeping force being stationed in what was, until last week, an active warzone seems to be coming out firmly against the idea of peace in Lebanon.

Even the most slimy of dictators usually manage to pay lip service to the idea of peace, even if they surreptitiously continue to try and undermine it.