Suing Starbucks for nothing

A Starbuck’s customer has decided to sue the coffee giant for $114 million – all because she didn’t get something for free.

The company originally e-mailed the offer to employees in the south-east of the US, with instructions to forward it to family and friends.

When Starbucks realised how many people were coming in for their free drink, it rescinded the offer.

But one customer in New York city felt so betrayed she approached a lawyer.

Call me a lackey for big business if you like, but I’m firmly on the side of Starbucks here. 

Customers who complain that they didn’t get something that was free are nothing but gold-diggers.  It would be different if people had to buy something in order to get their free drink, and were turned away after buying their coffee, but there were no strings attached to this deal – people just had to turn up to get their free drink.

Essentially, this mystery customer, is upset because Starbucks wouldn’t give her something for free.