Star Trek remastered

Star Trek Enterprise remasteredStar Trek is 40 this year. And what better way to celebrate than to remaster the original series and put Kirk, Spock, McCoy et al back on syndication across the USA?

So far, so good. But for the geeks at Paramount, remastering wasn’t enough. Oh no. They had to go and get all George Lucas on us, and update the special effects.


Star Trek was classic entertainment. By all means, clean up the picture so it looks a bit crisper – the original film stock is four decades old, afer all. But for God’s sake don’t replace all the cheesy 1960s effects with even naffer cgi graphics. They’re a part of tv history, a part of what made the show great. To replace them with effects that will look dated again in less than a decade is nothing short of sacrilege.

My dad will not be happy. And, frankly, neither am I.

4 thoughts on “Star Trek remastered”

  1. Nice way to judge something before you even see it. I grew up watching TOS in the 70’s. BBC1 Monday nights 19:10 right after a double bill of Tom & Jerry. I loved that show then and I still do. Updating the SFX? Why not, as long as the stories themselves are not changed in any way. Go right on ahead, I’d love to see The Doomsday Machine all “tarted up” and now I will..eventually. Just have to wait for a UK station to pick it up.
    The originals are still going to be there, so if you can’t handle it take some comfort in that.

  2. I have to say that I think re mastering with new effects is a good idea. Many younger people do not like to watch early television or movies. My little sister for example (age 14) does like star trek but cant stand watching the original series because “It looks so fake, its worse than thunder birds”. So to keep younger genarations intrested in star trek and prevent it from becoming unwatched, I think Paramount has made the right move.

  3. i loved watching The Original Series when it was on BBC1 before Star Trek The Motion Picture was released & even afterwhen it was moved to BBC2 in 1986. the pictures on the Star Trek website look fantastic. certainly remaking the SFX is a good idea & brings us the episodes as they would’ve looked if they had CGI when Star Trek went into production in 1964. film making has advanced considerably since the series was cancelled in 1969 & modern audiences are used to SFX which are slicker than they were during the 1960s. SFX technology during the 1960s were clunky which resulted in matte lines during the early episodes the new virtual model shots resolves that problem. still the original series today exists on both Laserdisc from e-bay & the modern DVD format in all it’s original glory.

  4. The original Series benefited from good story lines, take for example the motion picture which special effects have also been revamped in a directors edition, this in my book made a better film, i would love to see some of the classic episodes with better effects, it would be like watching them as new episodes, well done paramount. Please bring them to the UK asap..

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