Simon Hughes – gay, bisexual, whatever

Everyone seems to be getting upset about the whole Simon Hughes being ‘gay’ thing. But not about him being gay as such – that would be politically incorrect. Instead, everyone’s getting upset because, last week, when a journalist asked him if he was gay, he said “no”. But this week, he told the world that he’d slept with both men and women. Which makes him automatically ‘gay’ in the eyes of most in the media, it would seem.

Now actually, this technically makes him bisexual (assuming he is telling the truth, of course, which I think he probably is).

I guess that there is some kind of case for saying he deliberately confused the issue when he said he wasn’t gay. While he didn’t necessarily lie, he wasn’t exactly forthcoming with the truth – which is what, as a politician, he does for a living.

But this is what I really can’t understand… every British journalist with even a passing interest in politics knew that Hughes was, if not gay, then… not exactly straight. So, when said to a journalist “No, I’m not gay”, was it entirely beyond the wit of the United Kingdom’s assembled journalists to ask the probing follow ups -“are you bisexual?”, “are you straight?” or, even, “tell us about your sexuality, Simon”?