Review Me (a paid review)

Review Me logoNew startup, Review Me promise to pay bloggers cold hard cash in return for writing reviews of… well… whatever people will pay them to write reviews of. 

In an attempt to prove their faith in the model, they’ve invested $25,000 in paying bloggers to write reviews of Review Me.  Never one to turn down the opportunity to earn easy money, I’ve signed up for the site, and taken the Review Me shilling.  So, here’s my experience so far.

Heard about the site yesterday and signed up immediately.  The signup process is very simple – just provide a few details about yourself and your blog.  The hardest part was signing up for my first ever paypal account!

Once signed up, they take a quick (presumably automated) look at your site, to check that it’s been around for a while, and that a few other people like it enough to link to.  Then – and here’s the bit I was really waiting for – you get to find out how much they’ll pay you for each review.  The scale runs from $20 for the smallest blogs to $250 for the biggest blogs (although Review Me charge advertisers double that and pocket the substantial amount of change).  Anyway, I think you can guess which end of the price scale this blog comes in at. 

Then, click on the big flashing sign that says $25,000, write a 200 word review of Review Me, sit back and wait for the cash. 

Took me about 15 minutes to write this review of 305 words (on Taking Aim you get 50% extra free!), the largest part of which was taken up with battling with the broken keys on my keyboard.   So, $80 per hour, pro-rata.  Not too shabby.

The only question is – will anyone other than Review Me actually pay for reviews?  Time will tell.