Realism explains everything

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Hans Morgenthau quoted.  Nitin Pai, over at Winds of Change thinks his classic realism can explain what’s really behind international Islamic terrorism

First, Morgenthau:

The nation that dispensed with ideologies and frankly stated that it wanted power would…at once find itself at a great and perhaps decisive disadvantage in the struggle for power. [Hans J Morgenthau, Politics Among Nations pp98-99]

Next Pai:

Nazi Germany’s quest for lebensraum that set off World War II, the Communist bloc’s anti-imperialist cry and the West’s banner of feedom during the Cold War are in this sense similar to the contemporary Islamist agenda. Hitler’s grouch was that the German people were denied the “living space” that they were entitled to, the Islamists’ bone is that the West is denying them their rightful place in the global power structure.

I don’t think I’d disagree with the basic thesis, although little things like ideology tend to have a habit of overheating things, leading events to run out of the control of their supposed puppetmasters – the state.