No Canadians please, we’re multi-cultural here

An odd news article from South Korea, which looks like an April fool, but was published on 29 March.

In a classified ad in KScene, a free biweekly magazine, World Class describes itself as a group that “brings together all nationalities to discuss world issues and break down cultural barriers and prejudices.”

Breaking down the prejudices, however, doesn’t extend to all countries. “No Canadians please,” the ad continues.

When contacted by a Korea Herald reporter by e-mail, the organizer of the group, Bernard Carleton, elaborated further, “The thing is, CANADIANS ARE SCUM! They are self-loving, welfare supporting, over taxing, work ethic hating scum!!! They are not welcome in our group.”

I’m going with the April fools joke posted early theory, purely because one of the main universities in Ottawa, Canada is called Cartleton University.
I studied there for a while, and based on my purely unscientific observation of going out and meeting people, Canadians are very nice people.  So there.

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3 thoughts on “No Canadians please, we’re multi-cultural here”

  1. I would hope this is an April’s Fool joke. I preach for the religious tolerance of all belief systems,, but find this type of intolerance just as offensive. Passing judgement on the masses based upon the interaction with a few is pure ignorance.

  2. “…KScene, a free biweekly magazine…”

    As a welfare-loving, work-ethic-hating Canadian, I’m always interested in anything I can get for free. Do you have any details on how I can obtain copies?

  3. Hey!
    The irony of this, is that any other nation would get ticked off about it and declare hostilities…

    Canadians just make jokes about it.
    Mostly because it’s true though…except the work ethic thing…I don’t know where that came from.

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