Nine rules for Japanese conscripts, 1940

So, you want to know how to be a second world war Japanese conscript?

  1. You are the lowest in the army; always bow and salute everyone first!
  2. When called, respond with a loud voice.
  3. Never be later than your comrades.
  4. Always carry mop and broom at daily cleaning sessions.
  5. Always do the squad leader’s laundry first.
  6. Eat all meals within three minutes. Keep toilet visits short.
  7. Keep your nails trimmed and your personal shelf tidy.
  8. Always be quickest to fall in.
  9. In case of insufficient members to line up, bring along one from another unit to make up the numbers.

I particularly like rule number three, which provides safety in numbers, and rule number nine, which details just how to make up those numbers.

(Via: Far Outliers).