New look

After coming home from my holidays, I thought it was time for a bit of a change at Taking Aim.  Hence the much improved new look. 

Why does it look so good?  Because I didn’t design the theme myself.  Thanks must go to iqwolf, for his snappily titled theme: Unnamed One.

The new design isn’t just a pretty face – click on the ‘Open/Close’ link in the top right hand corner for some fancy pop-down menus, or try a quick search and sample the new style results.

I’ve spent most of the last couple of weeks playing wih my new toy – a Windows Mobile phone.  (Sorry to those of you who have been expecting regular updates – now you know why).

Mobile HomepageBrowsing blogs on the move has now become a part of my daily routine, albiet a frustrating one at times.  Newsgator Go!, which I’ll review another time, makes the job of keeping up with my RSS feeds simple.  But browsing individual blogs online (including my own!) can be a real hassle on a small screen.

Well, I can’t really do much about other blogs, but I can make sure that my own is as easy to read as possible on a mobile.  So, with thanks to Alex King, I’ve installed WordPress Mobile Edition for those few of you daft enough to try and read this page on the move…

Update: Hmm, something’s gone slightly awry with uploading the screengrab, which is oddly low-res in my browser.  Trust me though, it looks great in my paint programme.  And, more importantly, it looks extra-lovely on my Windows Mobile phone!