Mozart opera cancelled for fear of offending Muslims

A Berlin opera house has cancelled performances of a Mozart opera, Idomeno, because of fears that it might offend Muslims, and that they could not guarantee the safety of their audiences.

In the ‘offending’ scene which already caused audience walk-outs mainly amongst Christians when it was premiered almost three years ago, King Idomeneo produces the heads of Poseidon, Jesus, Buddha and the Prophet Mohammed from a bloody sack, and displays them on four chairs.

Fascinating that they don’t fear offending followers of Jesus, Poseidon or Buddha. 

Anyway, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has shown some backbone and roundly criticised their decision:

“We must be careful that we do not increasingly shy away out of fear of violent radicals,” Merkel told the Hannover Neue Presse. “Self-censorship out of fear is not tolerable.”

Which will be equally fascinating news for those who regularly condemn Europeans for being lily-livered appeasers.

(By the way – Idomeno is set in Crete.  I’m going to Crete in a few days.  Which is why posting this has, oddly, put me in a holiday mood).