March for Freedom

What a great idea – a march in support of free speech in Trafalgar Square:

We, a group of individuals of no particular political leaning, are calling on organisations and other individuals to support a march for freedom of expression to be held in London and if possible simultaneously in other cities of the world.

We are doing this for two reasons. Firstly, to celebrate the precious gift of free expression that was entrusted to us by all those who fought so long and hard. Secondly, to remind our politicians of their duty to fearlessly protect free expression against all who wish to undermine it.

We wish to point out that this march and rally is not an attack on Muslims or members of other religious groups. We in fact welcome all members of all religions who believe as we do in the paramount importance of free expression.

Let’s stand up, be counted and be seen.

Hopefully more in the British blogosphere will pick up this story, and turn it into a London repeat of the recent US demonstrations in support of Denmark.

4 thoughts on “March for Freedom”

  1. Is the protest supporting Denmark or Mayor Livingston? Has anyone else noticed a double standard? I am not anti-semitic, and I don’t think violent protests and threats against the cartoons are right either. But I don’t see why offending one ethnic group is protected as freedom of speech while offending another religion is a cause for being suspended from your job. I think it is basically racism.

    Is the protest against the hate speech laws? Why not?

    To avoid the hypocritical double standard, the protest should be for specific purpose, it should be a peaceful protest against the violent protests and threast of violence by moslems. This is the problem. This is the threat to free speech.

  2. I think the organisers of the march have been pretty clear about the reason for the march – freedom of expression.

    Your message makes the essential point of the march – you may not agree with the view the marchers express, or the reason for their march, but they are free to make that point peacefully.

    I don’t really think there is a double standard either. Most of those on the march, I would imagine, would agree that Ken Livingstone shouldn’t have been suspended for what he said. Yes, what he said was boorish, stupid, and offensive (because it was calculated purely to insult, rather than to advance any real point of view), but he should not have been suspended for it.

  3. Well done for organising this long overdue march, Christopher Hitchens started this in Washington, and other US cities followed, none of the marches/demonstrations have been reported in the media however!!!

    What time is the March and where do we meet?

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