Laura Bush forces Latvian Hockey team to train

Laura Bush did her bit for international diplomacy on Saturday after her Secret Service protection team forced the Latvian ice hockey team to wait in their training arena in full gear for 40 minutes.  All because she was watching the US women’s hockey team play Switzerland in the next arena:

“That’s not normal,” Latvian forward Aleksandrs Semjonovs told the newspaper Diena. “The third period is only half way done and she was not yet ready to leave. Why couldn’t we leave the arena?”

Commenters at All About Latvia are incensed:

And who the hell do they think they are putting people to inconvinience in a foreign (not USA) country! Our presient should make am official protest.

But, let’s look on the bright side – the Latvian hockey team got 40 minutes of extra practice time.  Think how well prepared they’ll be for their next match.