iPhone 3.0 upgrade – 2096 error at iStore – fix

iPhone3GAs soon as the brand new iPhone 3.0 upgrade came out, I had to try it on my first generation EDGE iPhone. I connected to my Mac computer, ran the iTunes upgrade and waited impatiently for the process to run its course… only to find that my lovely shiny phone had turned into a lovely shiny brick.

Instead of a brand new 3.0 operating system, all I could do was make emergency calls, and look at the following iStore error message:

“iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. An unknown error occurred (-2096).
Make sure your network connection is active and try again.”

Happily, I finally managed to fix the problem, but I found it difficult to find advice via the internet. So, I’ve compiled this quick post to explain how I got the upgrade to work (note: this advice is for OS X Mac’s only):

1.) Visit System Preferences, and select Network.
2.) In the drop down Location box, changed the location from ‘Automatic’ to my home wireless network.
3.) Breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Why this worked, I have no idea. But if you’re having the same problem with your iPhone 3.0 upgrade and you’re running OSX, give this solution a try.