Hungarian police blogger missing

Henrik, from Hungarian Accent blog reports the worrying story of a policeman blogger from Budapest whose blog – Police – has closed down mysteriously, and who appears to be missing:

“At Nyugati square we waited for an hour for Police, with whom we would have had a meeting scheduled for 10 at the rotating clock, but as he did not arrived by 11, we went into some pizzeria instead to have breakfast and to warm up as we were freezing. I don’t know what could have happened to Police, he is unreachable via phone all day and his blog interestingly is erased either by Freeblog or by himself, although I consider that latter option unlikely. Anyway I hope nothing happened to him and he will show up by evening.”

Henrik points out that information about ths police bloggers disappearance is scarce, but is nonetheless worried.

The Northern Irish Magyar adds a little context to the case, suggesting that offending the wrong people in Hungary can have serious consequences:

Hungarian “Businessmen” or politicians are not great believers in the concept of an independent and feisty media, or actually any general exchange of information.

Couple of wrong words in the wrong open forum and before you can mutter “freedom of speech” you’ll be hauled up in front of the Biro or be making an unscheduled appoitment with several baseball bats down a back street.

If true, this puts the recent story about a British police blogger who closed because he was worried he would face disciplinary action into perspective. And even more alarming perhaps – this is happening in a EU member state.
Whether there is anything to this story, or whether it’s all a big mix up, it’s probably too early to say for sure.  But I’ll keep an eye out for news.

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  1. I don’t speak Hungarian either, but Henrik on the site linked to in the post above, says its a holding page, put in place to maintain the domain name in case the real owner comes back.

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