How to get rid of a Prime Minister

Geoffrey Wheatcroft filled up a half-page in the Guardian this morning, bemoaning the fact that it’s incredibly difficult these days to get rid of a Prime Minister that nobody wants

Sadly, he neglected to consider that, if people really didn’t want Tony Blair as their Prime Minister, they’d get up out of their armchairs en masse one gloomy Thursday and vote the man out.  Alternatively, if Labour MPs deigned to raise themselves from their comfy green benches, they could effect much the same change.

Thus far, they haven’t, which seems to indicate that, although they may well not be too thrilled about the man, they still see Tony Blair as the best option available.

The article did contain one interesting statistic, though:

Between Lord Liverpool’s resignation in 1827 and Mrs Thatcher’s election in 1979, no prime minister apart from Asquith held uninterrupted office for more than six years. Now Thatcher with her 11-and-a-half years has been followed by Major with his six-and-a-half and Blair with his nine-and-a-quarter not out. 

Thatcher, Major and Blair are clearly the three greatest Prime Ministers of the past 180 years.  Either that, or they’ve been fortunate enough to face the most incompetent opposition parties for a couple of centuries.