Remembering 9/11

I think the 2996 project, remembering and celebrating the lives of those who were killed on 9/11, rather than their killers is a magnificent way of remembering the events of five years ago (although, sadly, as I write this, their server has crashed under the load). 

Equally important is to remember the many who have died since then in terrorist attacks.  The Guardian had an informative graphic today, showing that more than 4,000 innocent people have died in terrorist attacks around the globe in the past five years – and that’s before Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel are taken into account.

We should all stop to reflect on both of these figures, and to remember those who died.

But terrorism isn’t just a weapon of death and destruction – it is a weapon that thrives on publicity, and fear.  

One of the finest tributes that we can pay to those who have died in terorrist attacks, and perhaps the most pro-active way that most of us can fight terrorism, is to also take the time to move on with our lives and to refuse to surrender to fear.