Hezbollah in Venezuela

The story that Hezbollah is actively working in Venezuela and Latin America has been spreading around some of the US blogs over the past day or so. Here’s a quote from the story in Venezuela Today that appears to have kicked it all off:

Hezbollah. The Islamic fanatics of Hezbollah are rapidly infiltrating the tribe of the Wayuu. They are indoctrinating the members of this tribe, to convert them into Islamic fanatics in charge of disseminating the terrorist message that has already created chaos, death and misery in the Middle East.

I must confess, I’m not quite sure what to make of the story yet. Some of the claims about Hezbollah activities are pretty far fetched, and I doubt their ambitions are – for now at least – particularly high. But still, it’s a story to watch.

Hot Air has a more in depth video report on Hezbollah’s activities in Venezuela and Latin America.

Update: Hot Air have uploaded part 2 of their video report.