Godwins Law strikes British politics

Tony Blair as HitlerThe No2ID folks have just run this advert in the press. Too cowardly to actually say the ‘H’ word in the advert, they’ve drawn a barcode moustache on Tony Blair’s face.

The do grudgingly admit that Blair isn’t Hitler on their website, but not many people will see that – instead, they’ll see the full page picture of Blair in their paper with a funny barcode moustache and they’ll think – ‘oh my God – Tony Blair looks just like Hitler’.

Godwin’s law is more usually applied to blog comment threads that have grown so entrenched that people have abandoned debate in favour of insults, and have run so low on insults that the only option that remains open to them is to compare their opponent to Hitler:

As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.

So, lets just quickly recap the state of political debate in our mighty country:

  • Hitler thought ID cards were great.
  • Tony Blair thinks ID cards are great.
  • Hitler killed millions of people.
  • Tony Blair… um, didn’t kill millions of people.
  • But, whatever.  Tony Blair’s just like Hitler.

I tell you what, the government sure didn’t waste their money when they paid for me to read for a degree in politics.