Euro elections

It’s been a busy weekend for election watchers around Europe.

Sweden voted in a new centre-right alliance, their (very) narrow victory breaking 12 years of Social Democrat control.  A Fistful of Euros has covered the election with not one, not two, but three posts – here, here and here.

The German regional elections brought an unexpected success for the far-right, where the National Democratic Party (NPD) won 7.3% in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.  That takes them comfortably over the 5% needed to get a seat in the regional parliament.  Germany isn’t all far-right extremists, though, and the SDP managed a comfortable win in the Berlin elections.  The local SDP are led by Klaus Wowereit, who just happens to be gay, which has prompted A Fistful of Euros (who else?) to ask is Germany is ready for its first gay Chancellor? 

And, finally, the big news from Moldova is that the citizens of breakaway republic Trans-Dneister have turned out in overwhelming numbers in a referendum on the future of their statelet.  More than 97% of those who voted hated Moldova so much that they  so much that they would like to form a political union with Russia.  The Moldovan Foreign Minister clearly thinks the vote was rigged, and has refused to accept the result of the referendum.  Sensible man – it’s safe to say that any result of more than 90% in an election can automatically be discounted by people who know how to count.  Russia has remained rather tight-lipped.  Not all that surprisingly – the prospect of political union with a dirt-poor criminal statelet isn’t exactly something to be shouting about.