Democracy in Ukraine – not how we expected

Over at Publius Pundit Jonathan Taylor is talking sense about Ukrainian democracy as defeated Presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovich takes over the Premiership:

But let us not forget that those revolutionaries did not protest only for Yushchenko; they were fighting for democracy. Yanukovich’s premiership is an accurate reflection of the political situation in Ukraine and thus another victory for democracy.

I’ve said it about democracy in Ukraine many times – it’s not about the people who get elected, it’s about the process by which they are elected.  If the people of Ukraine believe that the best way to choose their government is through a free and fair election, and they have the power to hold free and fair elections, then Ukraine is a democracy.

I have very little time for those who get upset when the ‘wrong’ government gets elected in one of the world’s many democratising countries.  Ukraine isn’t the only recent example – Lebanon and Palestine are other rather topical examples.

Because, lets face it, a country where the “right” party is always elected, is a dictatorship, not a democracy.