Neeka’s Backlog – Best CIS Blog

Congratulations to Veronica for just pipping to victory in the AFOE European Weblog Awards 2006.

Neeka’s Backlog – Best CIS Blog 2006!

pajamas CIS.jpg

And, from my perspective, I have to say I’m thrilled to have come a creditable third with, despite not having updated that weblog since last year.  Thanks to everyone who voted.

For a full list of winners, click here.

The 2nd Satin Pajama Awards

Those nice people at A Fistful of Euros have – after an agonising three week delay – launched the 2nd Annual Satin Pajamas awards.

First – some shameless self publicity.  My old weblog – – is up for the award of Best CIS Weblog, despite having been closed for the last few months.
I managed to sneak past Nathan’s last year by a mere seven votes, and I’d love to not only make it two wins in a row, but be able to claim that I’m the author of the first ever dead blog to win an award.

So, go vote.  For in the Best CIS blog category, if you could. You could make history.
(I suppose you could vote for someone else if you feel strongly that dead blogs shouldn’t win awards.  But I wouldn’t recommend it).

Then, so I feel less guilty, go and vote for to win the Best Weblog and Best Political Weblog categories.

And then check out all the other categories, for the best roundup of the best European weblogs that you will find anywhere.


So, here it is – Taking Aim. My very own weblog, where I can write about anything I want. And will.

And I have to say, it’s a very pretty blog.This is mainly because I didn’t have a hand in the design – it’s all the work of Rui Pereira, who has created the wonderful vslider theme. Over the next few days, I’ll be customising it some – changing the header image for a start – and probably making it look far less attractive than it does now.

OK, it’s getting late in the evening. Sleep now. Blog later.