Back home again

Back from Crete.   Had a wonderful time in the sun and on the beach.  Ate more food and drank more alcohol than can possibly be good for me, and read more novels than I’d normally read in a year.

Now I’m back in England, where the clocks have gone back, it’s dark and gloomy, and I have to go to work every day. 

So, back to blogging. 

Off to University

I remember all too well how difficult it was to work up the courage to attend university as a 24 year old mature student, but at the same time how excitied I was at the prospect of embarking on a new stage in my life.  Wondering if I would fit in, make friends, pass my exams; and at the same time looking forward to the chance to study the things that fascinated me, to be the person I really wanted to be. 

Today is my Dad’s first day at university.  I can only imagine how it feels for him.

But one thing I know for certain is – I’m proud of you, Dad.  Work hard, and have fun.

New look

If you aren’t reading this through an RSS feed, you’ll notice that the vSlider theme that has been this blog’s public face until now has gone.

In it’s place, I’ve decided to use the K2 theme, which offers a bit more functionality, and emphases clean lines over graphical style.

I hope you like the new look.  Two additions you’ll notice right away on the sidebar are a list of my recent links, and a list of recent comments.

Over the coming days I’m sure to be making the odd tweak, so bear with me if things go a little wonky from time to time.   First up, I think, is to find a decent banner image…

Hello again

Goodness, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? 

Lots of stuff happening, not least of which is the news that my girlfriend is now part-owns a house in the Mediterranean.  I’m looking forward to many happy hours sitting in the sun.

I’m also proud to announce that I’m marginally less bad at poker than I was three months ago. 


Apologies for the lack of posting of late – a combination of work and house-hunting and just general life stuff have been taking up my time.

And now, even better – just as the weather in Southern England is turning to snow, I’m off to Crete for a week in the sun.

After which I will blog about interesting things, I promise…

23rd February 1944 – a day of genocide

Today is World Chechnya Day, not because of current events in Chechnya, but to mark the mass deportation of an entire people during the Second World War.

On 23 February 1944, Stalin ordered the deportation of the entire Chechen and Ingush population to Central Asia. More than half of the 500,000 people who were to be forcibly transported died in transit or in massacres committed by Soviet troops. Those who survived the journey were left facing starvation and disease in the harsh winters of Siberia and Central Asia.

Why it’s not named World Chechen and Ingush day, I’m not entirely sure.

Today is also Russian Men’s Day, more commonly known as Army Day.

And finally, today is my birthday, so I’m off to enjoy a few days well deserved rest. See you Monday.

Update: Joined the Beltway traffic jam.