British MEP to be next UN Secretary General?

Nirj Deva represents South East England in the European Parliament.  But it looks like he’s decided Europe isn’t big enough for him – he wants to be boss of the world.  Or, at least, UN Secretary General.

Sadly, though, the balls up over whether Fiji had officially nominated him does seem to imply that he’s not a particularly good at managing his public image, and neither is he particularly diplomatic.  In fact, it looks like, in true British tradition, he’s a bit of a bungler.

The confusion over whether British MEP Nirj Deva has received a formal nomination from the government of Fiji continues. His campaign maintains that the July 18th letter from Foreign Minister Kaliopate Tavola trumps the recent letter from Ambassador Isikia Savua, which stated that any report of a nomination by Fiji was “to be disregarded.”

[…] The President of the Security Council is attempting to resolve the confusion, but the Devas campaign does not appear to be helping in that regard. Inquiries from campaign observers are met with accusatory and sarcastic remarks anonymously or from an unnamed person, often twisting provisions of the UN Charter or official communiques to defend their position.

Oh well – it’s only another decade until Britain’s next shot at installing ‘our man in New York’ comes around.