Blair under police investigation for offending Welsh

I hadn’t heard of this story until this morning, but apparently Tony Blair has been under police investigation for the past six months.  All because he (allegedly) shouted “Fucking Welsh” at his tv.

Mr Blair is said to have shouted “F***ing Welsh” as he watched the results from the Welsh Assembly on election night in 1999.

The alleged remark was revealed in a draft of The Spindoctor’s Diary by Lance Price, a former No 10 press officer and deputy to Alastair Campbell.

Frankly, if Tony Blair wants to shout rude words at the top of his lungs at the tv, he should be perfectly entitled to.  I know I take advantage of the opportunity to swear at my tv (or specifically, the morons on the screen) on a regular basis.

And, considering that he was watching a Welsh assembley election, and he was no doubt displeased at the result of said election, who else exactly is he going to blame for the result?

If democracy means anything, then the Welsh people have to take responsibility for the results of an election in Wales.  Every single person in Wales participates in that election, either directly, by voting, or indirectly, by exercising their option not to vote.  And, they surely have to accept that, someone who didn’t do all that well in the election wouldn’t exactly be well disposed towards them.
Anyway, the police in North Wales took the complaint seriously to launch an investigation, complete with regular road trips to London, which has so far lasted half a year, and is set to last for at least one more month.  All this despite the recommendation of the Crown Prosecution Service that they wouldn’t prosecute the case.
Sadly, no news on exactly how much the investigation has cost in terms of cold hard taxpayers cash.

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  1. I think it’s a disgrace. I think all Welshmen should be compensated by the government to the tune of, ooh, about £10,000. It caused us distress, you see. And in today’s Britain, Distress = money. So c’mon, cough up.

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