Belarus protests broken by riot police

Riot police have stormed the tent village in October Square, Minsk, forcibly removing the protestors.


All over for the Belarus protests? Right now we can only wait and see what happens.  If people turn out in numbers tomorrow, they could still destroy Lukashenko.  But if nobody turns up, then the opposition movement will have to regroup, and learn its lessons for next time.

Defeated opposition Presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich had called for a major protest in the squre tomorrow (Saturday), which it was hoped would draw in many people who were unwilling to show up to the smaller scale protests on weekday evenings.  Whether people show up in large numbers for this protest, is the key.
Some people suggest that people will be outraged, and show up in large numbers.  I’d like to hope so.  But I’m not confident that they will. We have to assume that most of the leaders, and most dedicated members of the protest movement are now in jail.  And the threat of violence now hangs heavy over the head of anybody undecided as to whether to risk their future livelihood.