BBC gets lost on the way to al-Jazeera

A bit of a media sandstorm seems to have blown up over a video called Is This the Way to Al-Jazeera, which features BBC staff dressed as Osama Bin-Laden, singing a version of Is This the Way to Amarillo.

The tape was shown only at a private party but someone, described only as a BBC insider, thought that it was necessary to leak the tape, claiming it would be “offensive” to Muslims.

Call me a cynic, but that’s the most gratuitous excuse I’ve heard in quite some time. Let’s just take a closer look at the logic of leaking this tape:

  • This was a video that was to be shown only at one person’s leaving party.
  • It would have been seen by a hundred people at most, of whom probably no more than 10 (at the outside) would have been Muslim.
  • This insider is worried that Muslim’s will be offended.
  • So, in order to prevent this offence, he releases the tape to a global audience of approximately 1 billion Muslims.

What? Does this insider have no brain cells at all?

I simply can’t believe that the person who leaked this tape was motivated by a desire to protect sensibilities of Muslims. Their motivations, surely, must have been more sinister than that – either an attempt to discredit one of their work colleagues, or the BBC as a whole.

To wrap it up in an attempt to protect Muslims from offence is a disgrace.

Moving on – is the tape actually offensive? Well, make up your own minds – the Daily Mail has a copy of the video.