Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep

If true, this is perhaps the most stupid thing I’ve seen this week:

NURSERY school bosses have ordered the words of the rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep to be altered to Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep – to avoid offending children.

Manager Stuart Chamberlain could not explain why people singing or listening to Baa Baa Black Sheep would be insulted.

But he said: “No one should feel pointed out because of their race, gender or anything else.

“We’ve taken the equal opportunities approach to everything we do.

Changing the words of a non-offensive nursery rhyme, simply because it refers to a black sheep is symptomatic of how stupid people interpret equal opportunities rules, turning them into blind political correctness.

But it does nothing to actually protect black people (or any other people, for that matter) from being offended, and it does nothing to improve society.

The decision to re-work this classic and inoffensive nursery rhyme is, in fact, nothing more than a cowardly act by a man who lacks the courage to deal head on with the real issues of racial equality.  Instead, by teaching a song about rainbow sheep, he merely defers the real education of these poor children until a teacher with more courage steps into their lives.

By the way – has anyone considered how mercilessly these poor kids will be teased if they move to a new school and are caught singing Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep?