Art: Sit naked and hug a dead pig for four hours

Is it art, or is it a woman hugging a dead pig for publicity:

Kira O’Reilly will provide her own answer today by spending four hours naked, hugging a dead pig – at the taxpayer’s expense.

The controversial Irish performance artist will invite one person at a time to watch her sit in a specially-constructed set and perform a ‘crushing slow dance’ with the carcass in her arms.

She claims the bizarre exhibition is an attempt to ‘identify’ with the pig, which she cuts with a knife during the show.

I tend towards thinking it’s all about the self-publicity myself.  But then I’m somewhat cynical.
Steve at Outside the Beltway seems to think much the same.  He has, however, put his thinking cap on and come up with a suggestion as to how Kira could really learn how to identifying with the dead pig:

My first thought upon reading that was, “Wouldn’t she identify better with the pig if she were butchered in a similar manner?” Now that would be an example of one willing to go the distance for one’s art.

I can’t fault the logic of Steve’s suggestion.

Personally, though, I’d prefer if she tried to identify with a live pig.  Perhaps she could visit a petting farm.

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  1. Now this is just reactionary and foolish. I’m your girlfirend, so I know that you know next to nothing about modern art – so how dare you condemn it in such an off hand manner? Go and do some research, look into the principles of conceptualism as a starting point and go from there – then you’ll realise that condemning art without understanding it is as lazy and ill judged as condemning Israeli foreign policy based on your knowledge of ballet!

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