Americans don’t understand British humour

Michelle Malkin, along with a number of others on the slightly frothy right fringe of US politics, proves yet again, that she doesn’t understand British humour, nor the role it has to play in both boosting morale and free speech.

The BBC comedy show Time Trumpet (which I’m quite sure is – in the time honoured British comedy fashion is absolutely rubbish) have produced a satirical sketch called the Terrorism Awards.

Note to BBC: Notice, you arbiters of cultural sensitivity, that we Americans will not be burning down the British embassy or calling for your beheadings or forcing your news hosts into hiding in fear for their lives.

That is the difference between us and them. But it’s all a joke to you.

It is all a joke to us British. It’s how we get through life in the tough times. We make fun of it – preferably in the most tasteless and ridiculous way possible. We look hard to find the humour in every situation. Because, if something is made to be funny, it’s just that little bit less scary.